General rules for PLAYzone Challenge participants

All players and visitors will behave according to the rules of appropriate behavior.

1. Drinking, alcohol and drugs

None of the participants or visitors of the event may bring their own drinks into the pavilion. Everyone will be subjected to a security check upon each entrance to the gaming zone.

Non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages will be available directly in the pavillion for reasonable prices. Beer will be available for purchase in glass and also in a plastic cup. Non-alcoholic beverages will be available even in big plastic bottles.

There is a strict prohibition to bring open plastic cups to the gaming arena (due to security reasons, spills on the computers etc.).

Only beverages in closeable bottles (water in PET bottles, beer in glass bottle, energy drinks in a can) can be taken into the gaming zone.

Everyone is responsible for the amount of alcohol they drink and for their own behavior. If during any time at the event the organizer and/or security will assess that attendant is in a state in which he/she may endanger others or their peripherals, they will be escorted from the areal without a claim for any compensation for the entrance fee.

Whether the organizer or security assesses that participant is not eligible to enter the gaming zone, the participant will not be allowed to enter. Their belongings will be brought to them. The player will be allowed to enter the gaming zone only in the moment at which he or she does not endanger other players or the course of the event by his or her inappropriate behavior.

It is forbidden to smoke inside the pavilion and inside the sleeping zone.

During the whole duration of the event there is a strict prohibition of bringing and using drugs. If participant or visitor will be caught possessing or using drugs, they will be escorted from the areal without a claim for any compensation for the entrance fee.

Red Bull esport afterparty will have a special dedicated space in which it would be possible to consume alcohol. The attendants have to keep in mind the abovementioned points, as they will not be allowed to re-enter the gaming zone in an inadequate state of being.

2. Gaming peripherals

Each player has to bring their own computer, monitor and gaming peripherals or gaming notebook. The equipment has to have LAN connector. WI-FI in the pavilion serves only to connect mobile phones, it is not possible to play tournaments while being connected to WI-FI on your gaming device.

This does not apply for players with All Inclusive registration, who will have their peripherals prepared on the spot (excluding mouse, keyboard, mousepad and headphones, but even those peripherals can be provided upon upfront request).

3. Liability for damages

Each player will have their gaming peripherals marked with a tag and their ID upon entrance. During each movement of the peripherals in and out of the gaming zone the player’s ID and the ID of the peripherals will be checked.

The organizer is not responsible for any damage to health or belongings of the participants, unless this damage is caused in direct connection to violation of the legal regulations by the organizer. The organizer is not responsible for damages caused by injuries which attendants caused by their own carelessness or by not adhering to the rules.

The organizer is not responsible for damages caused to items left behind (desktop computers, notebooks and gaming peripherals etc.).

The attendants are responsible for their own belongings which they bring to the event and they should not leave their items unattended because it is impossible to safely store them. This concerns mobile phones, keys, wallets, cameras etc.

Each attendant is responsible for themselves and by attending the event they agree that in case they cause damages to the assets of the organizer, the organizer is in full right to demand the cost of the damages from them.

4. What you should not take with you:

Your own extension cord and adaptors – everyone will have their own plugs available.

Your own LAN cable – everyone will have a data cable for connection to internet prepared.

Speakers – only headphones can be used.

Electro appliances – nothing like a coffee maker, kettles, microwaves etc. is allowed at the event.

5. Eating

There will be food available directly at the pavilion – such as sandwiches, hamburgers, fries, pizza, hot dogs etc.

Players can bring their own food or a third party food to the pavilion (delivery services deliver to the gates of the pavilion).

The attendants may not endanger or limit other attendants, visitors or their belongings.

6. The opening hours of the pavilion

Pavilion G2 is open nonstop from Friday 22.5. 12:00 hrs till the very end of the event.

7. Sleeping area

The sleeping area is at players‘ disposal for a sleep over. The price for using the sleeping zone is 100 CZK / night. The reservations are made directly with the registration for the event, so that the organizer may predict the approximate amount of people that will be there. Please think of this fact when reserving your spot.

It is necessary to bring your own sleeping mat and sleeping bag for the sleeping zone.

The organizer is not liable for any things left over in the sleeping zone without the presense of the player.

The sleeping zone is guarded by security.

8. Approval of parents:

The written consent of parents is required for the participation of minors. You can download it here. We send this form to all registered persons under 15 years of age to the email provided during registration of the spot. The form must be printed, filled in, signed and brought to the event.

9. Entrance and parking

Players can drive into the areal and right to the pavilion G2 but they can park there only for the time necessary to unload their things. The standard pass holders then must leave the exhibition area and park at the designated parking areas. The holders of Premium and All Inclusive passes can park at the designated location next to G2 pavilion.